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A work of your dream

Answer questions and provide personalized services online. Become an expert on one of the most famous legal services.

~3000 clients per day

We own Pravoved.RU, the most popular legal web service in Russia and Western Europe.
It has more the 4M visitors per month.

Earnings are not limited

You can earn up to 1 500 € a month just online. All you need is just take action and do a good job.

Convenient tools

The most modern tools 

for providing online services. 

You can offer a consultation 

right in the chat with the client.


It's easy to earn

Answer paid questions

Every day we are asked more than 1500 questions. Among them there are paid customers.

The average cost of the question is 10 €.

Provide personal services

Earnings on the site is not just paid questions, but also any other services. Provide advice in a chat or on the phone, make documents. 

Payment is guaranteed – the customer pays ahead.

Search for customers
to work offline

Sometimes the question can not be solved online. For example, if the client needs to be represented in court.

In this case, exchange contacts with them – for a fee or the virtual currency of the site.

Buy orders and work directly

We receive 3-4 thousand applications from customers from different regions every day. Choose an interesting branch of law and the city, buy an application and call the client. 

A lot of lawyers and companies work so on an ongoing basis.

How to start

Follow these simple steps to join us

Register at Pravoved.RU website

It's free and will take no more than two minutes.


Fill in the profile, add a photo

Tell us about yourself, indicate your specializations, education, add photos.

Start answering questions

Answer 300 free questions and get first feedback from customers.

Confirm your education

After that you will be able to answer paid questions and chat with clients.

Answer paid questions

Advise clients on your specialization and get a fee.

Offer your services in the chat

Actively offer clients the personal services and earn!

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